Why choose us

What if you could spare yourself the tricky negotiations with sharp buyers, expensive legal wranglings, time wasters and rediculous offers often associated with selling a small practice?

We offer a ground breaking and completely transparent cash up front route of the industry specifically designed for the exiting IFA who expects a fair price but also desires zero hassle.

Costs and time are saved by this automated system enabling you to exit quietly, confidentially and with a fair price. This is paid to you more or less up front with 60% on completion and the remaining payment within 3 months. (to check it hasnt all disappeared!)

Main Benefits

  • Top valuations paid direct to you within 21 days
  • We personally guarantee to honour our valuation unless a genuine anomoly crops up in due dilligence
  • Your ex-clients will be serviced professionally and wherever possible by a local face to face adviser
  • You will be able to carry on introducing new clients to one of our partners after you have sold thus earning an additional income at 20% commission rates.

"A reputation for 'cuteness' and sharp dealing is fatal in great affairs" - Andrew Carnegie