Stephen Hagues - Founder - Profile

Stephen qualified in Business Management then became a chartered marketer before spending a decade growing his clients IFA businesses, directly acquiring key personnel from weaker competitors across the North of England.

Becoming well recognised for building profitable sales and advisory businesses Stephen spent the last 4 years growing cornerstone financial services businesses across the UK by sourcing acquisitions of small to medium sized IFA firms via his retiring ifa consultancy.

A recognised specialist in the field of "White Knight" takeovers across the IFA sector, Stephen has most recently shifted his attention to automating the entire sales process for client banks enabling smaller sized IFA's to move quietly and safely out of the business with a fair price on exit.

Stephen has a deep understanding of both executive search and the UK regulated market and its people. He has been investing in his contacts, and name in the industry for over 12 years now.

Believing that trust is hard earned and easily lost in a service industry, Stephen ensures all of his firms operate with integrity to his principles and consist of highly trained staff.

Business History

1999 - 2001 Headhunter then Branch Manager - Quest Recruitment

2001 - Co-Founded Progression Consulting & Foundation Resourcing foundationresourcing.co.uk

2008 - Founded Retiring IFA retiringifa.co.uk

2011 - Co-Founded Trail Buyer trailbuyer.com

Retiring IFA Client Testimonials

"Steve and the team were friendly and effective. I would recommend Steve to IFAs wanting to feel out the market and get a fair price for their business"
Rod Shakespeare - (Retired IFA Proprietor)

"A superb quality of buyers were qualified and introduced in a highly effective manner this resulted in a speedy conclusion to a highly respected local family firm."
Keith Stephenson - North Yorkshire (Retired IFA Proprietor)

"A friendly and attentive service, Steve helped me define exactly what I wanted and had a good grasp of all of the available options on the market. I have been very happy with both the service and the results of the sale."
Robert Graham (Retired IFA Proprietor)

"Thanks for your assistance with the sale of my business. It's taken less than 19 weeks from when I first contacted you to complete the sale, initially all I had to do was to turn up for the meetings that you'd arranged. I am happy to recommend your services without reservation."
Paul Gibbins (Retired IFA Proprietor)

"I found Steve to be a knowledgeable and easy person to deal with, and very helpful.
We put our business with him, and had several potential buyers lined up within a couple of weeks. We have now sold our business, and have been able to move on quickly and efficiently.
Many thanks."
Bill Lake (Retired IFA Proprietor)

"A professional service, giving me a good choice of firms and comparisons enabling me to make the right choice selling to a family firm, a decision both I and my clients have been very happy with."
Bill Kelleher (Retired IFA Proprietor)

"Great service, I have been very happy with the sale, the advice and the results of the sale"
Bill King (Retired IFA Proprietor)

Out of Work

Steve has three beautiful children and spends the majority of his spare time with the family. He has a keen interest in property and converted his home from a barn with his wife. He enjoys walking, chess and going to the gym whenever possible, as well as going out for the odd pint or two, when he's allowed.

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"What others could not or would not do we would attempt, and this was a rule of our business which was strictly adhered to" - Andrew Carnegie