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Money Matters

Q: How can I be sure I will receive my payment?

Q: Exactly how and when will you pay me?

Q: I am not the owner of the business, will you pay money into my bank account?

Q: Will you buy the shares or take liability for my advice?

Q: I’m happy with the valuation and shape of the offer but can I change some aspect of the legal contract I have been sent?

Q: Do I need to stay on and do joint meetings?

Q: I have clawback and indemnity issues, how will that work?

How do I get a valuation?

Q: Can the online valuation change?

Q: Is there a transaction fee?

Q: Is there a fee If I decide not to sell my IFA business to you?

Q: How do you calculate the the online valuation of my business?

Q: What happens If I miss some information out on the online fact find?

Q: I received a valuation a few months ago, is it still valid?

Q: Will you really buy my business for the amount stated in the online valuation?

Will you buy my IFA business?

Q: My business is a de-authorised or overseas will you buy it?

Q: Can I sell on behalf of a family member, friend or deceased individual?

Q: I have outstanding finance against my business. Can you buy it?

Q: My business is larger than £30,000 recurring income, will you buy it for the amount you offered online?

Q: My business has staff or self employed individuals as part of the sale, will you buy it?

Q: Do you buy mortgage or general insurance or any other client banks?

Q: I have other advisers and or staff who need consideration?

Making a telephone appointment

Q: How do I make an appointment?

Q: Will you collect my files and other documentation?

Q: Can I reschedule my appointment?

Q: When are you open?

Documentation Needed

Q: What documentation will I need to complete the disposal?

Q: I’m missing and cant get hold of all of the documentation needed, will you still buy the business?

After My Sale

Q: Can I still advise my clients?

Q: What will you do with all my clients?

Q: I’m worried about the risk of future complaints?


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