Our Buyers

Our guild of buyers are various businesses situated across the UK and between them they can offer nearly 90% of the UK "face to face" advice with coverage including Northern Scotland, Mid Wales and Northern Ireland.

Trailbuyer is not an advisory firm, we are just the hub that buys your clients.

How we add value - The Full Process

The team here buy your clients quickly and efficiently.

Your clients details are pooled together in our database

We use various intelligence systems to update client contact details

We segment the our database on the clients location, policy type/size, age and socio-economic profile.

We distribute specific "packaged client bundles" to our buyers guild.

The clients are proportioned to the relevant buyer via either location or niche specialism (Teachers, Retirement, Millionairedom etc.)

Sellers get a quick, no hassle sale, clients get local or specialist face to face advice, our partners get bespoke packages of new business opportunities and hopefully we earn a profit!


We understand that having no "long stop" on advice is big a big concern for IFA's disposing of client assets so our contract with our buyers stipulates specific terms on how to approach previous advice given by our exited IFA population.

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"When you attack the purchase you attack the purchaser and his judgement" - Zig Ziglar