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“I want to sell my IFA business but I don't want all the hassle that goes with it”

With us you can look forward to a fast, safe, secure transaction.

You will receive our best price for your client bank in detail and up front (free of charge) by filling in a few questions online and without even having to speak to us.

If you want us to make good on our offer then our quick automated process will enable you to move on efficiently and easily in under 3 weeks.

If you have a query then it is probably listed in our frequently asked questions (FAQ's) page. You can also find out about our people and why you can trust us.

Our service enables you to:

  • Avoid being messed around by "time wasters"
  • Secure completion in 21 days
  • Avoid long, tough negotiations
  • Get paid up front for your business
  • Avoid all sharp tactics to drive down your price
  • Avoid all confidentiality worries
  • Understand the total offer before even speaking to us
  • Avoid all legal costs
  • Avoid attending buyer meetings

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