What we do

What We Will Do

  • Provide a free automated valuation confirming what we will offer you for your IFA client bank upfront.
  • Offer to buy any client bank with less than £30K recurring income at the price we offer online (subject to due dilligence)
  • Offer a clear, transparent and standardised legal contract which is more than fair to the exiting IFA
  • Have the money in your hand within 14 days of completing
  • Pay you the majority of your sale price up front
  • Pay you all of the money within 3 months

What We Won't Do

  • Negotiate on any points of our legal contract, in any way at all.
  • Buy anything other than the assets of your company
  • Take ownership of any LTD company shares or liability for your advice
  • Guarantee the price we offer for any longer than 1 week post valuation
  • Guarantee to buy any client bank that is larger than £30,000 recurring income on standard terms
  • Buy anything smaller than £2,000 recurring income

"What others could not or would not do we would attempt, and this was a rule of our business which was strictly adhered to" - Andrew Carnegie